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A few years after the original DeLuca's had their happy endings …

When her jerk of a fiancée leaves her at the altar and plots to steal her parents' land, Willamette Valley vintner Chiara DeLuca runs away to California to hibernate for the winter. She doesn't expect sparks to fly with sexy firefighter Ben Archer. And when her meddling Great Aunt Chi Chi contrives for Chiara to co-chair St. Helena's holiday ball with Ben, happy holiday coincidences start to happen.

A holiday ball … a stolen reindeer … and getting trapped in an antique wine vault with the girl of his dreams?

Ben Archer knows he's no match for a DeLuca. Or is he? Back when they were kids, a visiting Chiara took the fall for a prank gone wrong that would have cost Ben the big game. Now that they're both all grown up, Ben is convinced that he will be able to pay Chiara back by helping her own up to the scrape she is in and solving it. With Christmas coming, can Ben help Chiara rediscover the spirit of the season— and enduring love?

(c) 2016 Grace Conley